Customize It Extended


This mod is very important if you want to increase realism in your city. It allows you to rebalance building values to realistic values. This includes things like truck-count, range and more.

In the default game the way service ranges works is very weird. For example, in a medium real city (100k population) it is normal to have maybe one big hospital (and in some cases two), but vanilla Cities: Skylines' hospitals has very low range and therefore you have to place hospitals everywhere because citizens far away from a hospital will not be able to use it. In my opinion very unrealistic. Same goes for many large buildings such as high schools, universities and police headquarters.



Of course you can change the values to whatever you feel is realistic, however this is my suggested configuration. Do note that extra assets also need their values updated if you have them.

File is too big to display, therefore it must be in file.


Trucks are increased for some buildings.

File should be placed in %localappdata%\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\CustomizeIt-Extended.xml