Difficulty Tuning


In Cities: Skylines vanilla I have always felt like the financial part of the game is way too easy. I feel like you never have to wait to get cash to expand the city and there is no challenge except at the very beginning of the game. You can build massive road projects such as bridges, tunnels with almost no real cost. You never need to think about building a hospital, because you have millions in the bank to spare. This mod fixes all of this by letting you increase the pricing for various things. The increased cost of starting the city means you will probably have to take out a loan to support it, which means there's finally a reason to use loans.

Whether or not you should use this mod depends heavily on what you want the gameplay to be like, but if you want a realistic experience where you have to think strategically about your city I heavily recommend it.



During my configuration of this mod I wanted more cost to expanding the city so that I feel like the amount of cash actually means something. Often during my vanilla cities I have reached +$50000/ingame-week (number shown next to cash-in-the-bank) profits and therefore I wanted the increase of cash to be a little bit slower (~+$10000/ingame-week), which I believe this configuration does perfectly.


Explanation for values:

Construction cost    
  Service Buildings Building hospitals, schools, etc. should be EXPENSIVE!
  Public Transport A new international airport costing $10000? Might as well be free. Increased a lot

The new interstate should be expensive, just like in real life.


Parks etc don't have to be as expensive

Relocation cost  

Does not matter much, but does not have to be very expensive

Area cost multiplier  

Increased quite a bit. Does not matter if you use 81 Tiles mod (recommended).



  Initial capital

Due to increased constructions costs this needs to be bumped high so that there is a chance to get the city going

  Reward amount

Rewards from milestones unchanged


Loans can give more money than before

Population required to unlock milestones  


Target land values/service score for buildings  

A bit more difficult to balance out increased service building ranges



  Service buildings

Running hospitals, police stations and firestations is expensive in real life. Increased slightly to reflect this.

  Public transport Already quite balanced in vanilla
  Roads Roads need maintenance! Quite balanced in vanilla, but increased a little bit.
  Others Parks etc are not very expensive to run
Pollution radius   Increased slightly
Noise pollution   Increased slightly.
Zoning Demand   Decreased slightly to make city grow slower. Can be changed to whatever you deem realistic (or fun).
Maximum slope   Doesn't change anything because of Anarchy (recommended)